HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY TO ALL YOU BEAUTIFUL! STRONG! INTELLIGENT! TALENTED! WOMEN!  This is a badass women only playlist. From Kelly Zutrau’s angel voice to lyrical and overall genius St. Vincent (Annie Clark) to the three coolest and most talented sisters on earth, HAIM (and many more). We’ve got you covered! Also: IT’S 2019! FEMALE-FRONTED […]

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Our Life In Songs

Friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR! And you know what that means: NEW YEAR, NEW SPOTIFY STATS!! (sadly not sponsored). To greet 2019 appropriately we’ve made a collection with some of the most important songs to us personally. Anne: I’ve got a million favourite songs, but the following ones hold a special place in my heart. King City […]

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PALE WAVES @Franzz / 17.10.18

On the 17th of October Dirty Hit signed band Pale Waves, who get compared to “The 1975” quite a lot, returned to Berlin after releasing their debut album “My Mind Makes Noises“ in September. Having already seen them a couple of times, it’s been great to see their improvement. It‘s been one of their most […]

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Cassia @ Musik & Frieden / 24.09.18

On Monday night Manchester based band Cassia brought their “Loosen up” tour to Berlin. The band embarked on their first ever European headline tour and Berlin was their 5th stop, after playing four other German cities. Even though they’ve been followed by bad luck, as their tires broke down on their way from Dortmund to […]

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A Guide to Pop-Kultur!

Berlin is hot and sticky and I totally understand if you have been spending most of your days at home with the shutters closed. But fear not, your summer is about to change. Pop-Kultur is on the horizon! The annual festival takes place from 15.08.-17.08. and lays its focus on giving up and coming international […]

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Premiere Of: The Trash Can Collection!

Hello Friends! Since frankly we feel like this whole indie thing hasn’t been giving us too much in regards to fiery or interesting music lately we decided to make the ultimate indie compilation including a bunch of the tunez we’ve always loved and will always cherish. We’ll be updating it regularly but if you’re mad cause we missed […]

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