Although being aware of ‘Get Inuit’ for a while now I never found the time or motivation to give them a proper listen- until now. A lazy decision I instantly regretted when the infectious riffs to ‘Teriyaki’ shot through my speakers. Teriyaki is one of those songs that immediately get to you, despite only having heard the opening 15 seconds. Addressing the struggle with moral decisions it is not just an uplifting pop tune bursting with energy but is also dealing with a matter many of us can relate to. The video being an ode to one of my all time favourites ‘The Beach Boys’ is only the icing on the cake. After deciding I should probably take a closer look into the band to prevent another late regret ‘Electrify’ especially stuck with me. The built up tension before bursting into a roaring chorus (which I will never understand) excites me every time and it is to date my favourite Get Inuit tune.

Trying to categorize the sound of Kent four-piece turns out to be not too easy since they are all over the place really. As the amateur I am I would say messy-sunny-indie-rock is of all pompous descriptions that come to mind the one that fits best. The contrast of Jamie Glass’ upbeat quirky vocals and the heavy riffs make the dynamic combination I have absolutely fallen for. The mixture creates a progressive sound that will with no doubt be the soundtrack to every indie kid’s summer of 2017 and I could not be any more hyped to be seeing them headline The Lexington in January!

Electrify – Get Inuit

-L xx


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