Blossoms // Berlin, 19.11.16

Not even three weeks have gone by since Blossoms played their very first headline gig in Berlin at the well-known intimate, rustic venue Musik & Frieden. Blossoms have come back again and joined British indie dreamboat Jake Bugg on his European tour and supported him at a even bigger venue, at the Astra.

In an act of sublime coolness they played their set, leaving the crowd regretting to have not known them when they played weeks before. After tuning out charismatic pop tunes one after another, the room was filled with fervid energy, ready for the main act.

tumblr_oh02rqebtc1vrw312o1_500 tumblr_oh02jssjjr1vrw312o1_500 tumblr_oh02g49gmc1vrw312o1_500 tumblr_oh02iazhnl1vrw312o2_500 tumblr_oh02ooyvmb1vrw312o1_500 tumblr_oh02qqqxqz1vrw312o1_500


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