A Dream Inside the Green Door Store, 21.11.16

After seeing Gengahr twice in Germany, one time at Melt! Festival and the other time as they were opening up for Wolf Alice, it was about time to see the 4-piece psychedelic alternative band headlining a gig in their home country. They played the Green Door Store in Brighton, a quite rusty and cozy venue – the perfect fit for an enchanting band like Gengahr.

When we entered the plenty crowded dark room, Gengahr were already on stage covered in green-red lights, tuning up their precious guitars. They started off their set with ‘Mallory’, which is a new yet wonderfully sweet tune making the crowd unconsciously dive into a lucid-like dream. The enthusiasts of the indie rock band from London let out their peppy sides when they heard the first few seconds to fan favourite ‘Heroine’. People were dancing and singing along blithely to the soft voice of frontman Felix Bush and lively guitar riffs.

Gengahr played alternately old and new tunes with little breaks to have a drink out of a mug with their band logo printed on (bless them). The crowd and the band itself were enjoying themselves to well-known songs such as ‘Dizzy Ghosts’ and ‘Embers’. The room was dimmed when their mostly instrumental, gloomy pop tune ‘Dark Star’ was being played, but that didn’t stop our tipsy selfs making the most of the vividly intriguing melody.

They effortlessly controlled the crowd during the set creating a dreamy momentum. All in all, it was a trip into the hazy sounds of Gengahr and we wish we could have stayed only a little longer.


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