JAWS // London, 25.11.16

Jaws at The Dome, Credit: Morgan Tedd

By the start of the second verse of opening track ‘Just a Boy‘, the latest single of their new album ’Simplicity’, Mahtab had already lost her shoe in the pit; this was pretty much an omen for how the night should carry on. Nobody in the room was left unaffected by the heavy melodies and the number of people jumping on stage and then into the crowd were countless.

During the whole evening it felt like there was no barrier between the band and the crowd. Especially during their truly blue song ‘17‘ a bunch of triste teenagers screamed out their hungry hearts as if it was their youthful anthem. It is an indolent sounding yet in reality expressive-angsty pop tune (a paradoxical mixture which conveys the idea of the song pretty well). The dark and obscure lyrics created a surreal atmosphere in which the connection between both sides was at its brightest. During the instrumental break a flood of emotions crashed on everybody and by sharing this intimate moment even the lonley ones didn’t seem so lonely anymore.

As passive aggressive track ‘Right in Front of Me‘ blasted away Connor growled ‘What’s the point if I’m not having the fun I should be?’ restively at the crowd and the moody crowd growled back, letting out their hold back anger.

Once the drums hit the wavey guitar riffs of ‘Gold` the guy behind us screamed ’This is gonna be fun’ and as flat as it sounds it captured the following 3 minutes, filled with dynamic and chaotic jumping around, perfectly.

They animated the crowd from the moment they got on stage until the moment they left, provoking every emotion possible at least once during their set. Mahtab’s shoe (which was thankfully thrown onto the stage) and the two of us definitely had the fun we should be having!


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