Blaenavon – Let’s Pray

While their Twitter bio says “pizza expert” the British ‘progressive alternative rock’ trio Blaenavon are undisputedly more than that. The band itself is best known for obscure and somber sounds as their KOSO EP (2013) shows.

Their A-Side “Let’s Pray” might have some gloomy lyrics since “Let’s pray, let’s pray, let’s pray for death” is not an ordinary thing to scream in the middle of your everyday life – or maybe it is – but instrumentally spoken, it is a very classic sweet tune with a huge sense of sarcasm and self-irony. Frontman Ben Gregory’s softly deep vocals do not only add an exuberant feeling to the song, but also overflow you with a sense of ease. The swift sound of the guitar and the smooth drum playing turn the song into a proper banger.

Talking about proper bangers: the B-Side ‘I Will Be The World’ sounds as mysterious as the title promises you it will. It starts with goose bumps causing whisperings, getting louder and louder, emphasized by a vigorous bass line, heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums. Although the song bursts of anger and steely determination, the complexity of it gives you chills, giving you the feeling that you can be the world.

Blaenavon simply triumph in merging a very fresh and glitzy touch to their twisty melancholic music.

Check out ‘Let’s Pray’and ‘I Will Be The World’ below:


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