The Sound of Inheaven:

It’s the band everyone is talking about, the band who is bringing back the gloomy sounds of the 90s: influenced by bands such as Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins the quartet from South London has accomplished pretty much in the last two years. From being on UK tour with Sundara Karma, Vant, The Big Moon and even going to Europe with Blossoms and Jamie T, it is no miracle everyone gets excited when it comes to Inheaven. With vivid shows bursting with energy, they do not only spread vibrant and dynamic sounds, but also make everyone feel complete and appreciate their bittersweet youth for the moment.

While their oldest song ‘Regeneration’ flushes smooth vibes, songs like ‘Baby’s Alright’ and their current single ‘Treats’ are politically-minded anthems. ‘Treats’ is led by Chloe Little’s sweet voice, tangling wrathful lyrics together. Heavy guitar riffs, banging drums and rage-filled words summarize the frustration and anger everyone feels towards the terrifying events that are happing in our chaotic world. Inheaven do not just throw words around, there is a purpose behind everything they create. Destroying the concept of accepting the way it is, they sing about their fears and discontents, expressing the thoughts and feelings of disenfranchised juveniles who feel drained and aspire to a change.

Watch the music video to ‘Treats’ here:

Catch Inheaven on their upcoming headline tour here:


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