Take a trip to The Big Moon

London-quartet girls The Big Moon always got a surprise up their sleeve – this time it isn’t singing about pineapple juice or a Barbie owning a guy’s bloody head in her bathroom, this time it’s all about the B-side of their single ‘Formidable’.

B-Side ‘Hold This’ is held in the classic The Big Moon style; slower harmonies and soft vocals suddenly twisted into abruptly rousing guitar riffs, heavier bang drumming and determined voice. Sparking off wuthering and mingled feelings. The perfect fit to A-Side ‘Formidable’ which is the new definition of a power ballad; mellow vocals encompassing simple yet tender lyrics, such as chorus ‘Hey, I’m not invisible, I’m on your side, I’ll be formidable.’ and boom out of a sudden everything crashes together, giving the song a proper touch of pureness and ingenuity.

Their ‘really delicious roast dinner’ also known as their debut album ‘Love in the 4thDimension’ is out 7th April on Fiction Records which they are going to serve on a tasty UK and Europe headline tour.

Grab your tix here: http://thebigmoon.co.uk/tour

Listen to ‘Formidable’ and ‘Hold This’ here:





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