Pale Waves – “There’s a Honey”

‘There’s a Honey’ and that’s for sure Pale Waves; Manchester four-piece are Dirty Hit’s youngest family member and got together with Matty Healy and George Daniel from The 1975 (proper gems) to create this sugary, gleaming tune called ‘There’s a Honey’. Their debut single is made of sparkling, synth-pop sounds led by Heather Baron-Gracie’s honey-sweet voice and […]

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Band Tip: New Carnival

Bristol-4 piece only has a few releases up their sleeve but every one of them is a bold statement and not to be overlooked. There’s literally no way round singing along to „You’re still my kind of girl…“ or “I wanna stop the search with you” once you’ve started listening, you’re immediately hooked. Garuanteed every one of […]

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Valentine’s Day (sucks)

No matter if people In love (sick reference there) make you feel yuck or if your valentine grows the flowers in your mind – we created the perfect playlist which will suit you whatever mood you’re in! (and if you don’t have a valentine this year, fuck it ’cause here is Sunny K’s Oscar blowing you […]

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Get dancey with The Night CafĂ© – ‘Strange Clothes’

Woop! Right before Liverpool’s charming boys head off to support Sundara Karma on their headline album tour together with Blaenavon, they delight everyone with their new track “Strange Clothes”. This one’s filled with rocking sounds and vibrant melodies, letting you tremble and lift you in a ridiculously good mood considering you haven’t even had your daily cup of coffee yet (amazing). Being known […]

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‘Boyfriend’ – Marika Hackman

Britain’s most angelic voice has finally released a new single! The English sweetheart teamed up with The Big Moon and created an in some ways passively angry, very ironic and powerful masterpiece called ‘Boyfriend’. Partly overdriven, joyous guitar sounds and rhythmic drums which reappear in the chorus of Hackman’s newest creation ‘Boyfriend’ set the mood […]

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Rage baby, rage, rage, rage

Can’t believe an idiot is head of the US? Ran out of (almond) milk for your coffee? Your arrogant crush ignores your message? There are enough reasons to be mad; we put our anger into a playlist for you, so you can be angry too. Misery loves company.   The Smashing Pumpkins – Cherub Rock (Inheaven’s […]

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Interview with CLAY, 31.01.17

We met up with Clay, one of UK’s most promising newcomer bands before they went on stage, supporting Declan Mckenna at a sold out show in Brighton. By combining synth pop with infectious guitar riffs they create a unique sound, showing up a whole new world of indie, leading the crowd to jump at everyone of their peppy […]

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Pop Mess: GIRLI

A mixture of radiant pop vibes and a glowing pink look is what British super gal GIRLI is spreading in UK’s versatile indie scene. GIRLI – actual name Milly Toomey – is not afraid to be herself and ready to take over. From political and anti-sexism anthems, such as “Girls Get Angry Too”, which deals […]

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