Pop Mess: GIRLI

A mixture of radiant pop vibes and a glowing pink look is what British super gal GIRLI is spreading in UK’s versatile indie scene. GIRLI – actual name Milly Toomey – is not afraid to be herself and ready to take over. From political and anti-sexism anthems, such as “Girls Get Angry Too”, which deals with the ludicrous expectations of modern society towards girls and women, to spacy electronic pop tunes like “Girl I Met On The Internet”, GIRLI makes her way into 2017. “I love the idea of shaking things up a bit,” she explains to DIY, “For me, anyway, my personality, the way I make music and the shows I put on are all chaotic. It’s how I like it.” and that’s why she is giving such a vivid touch to the music industry. At just 19 years GIRLI is aware of the disparity, ditzy stereotypes and sheer ignorance of today’s media and society and is not scared to welcome misogynist and narrow-minded parties with a warm-hearted fuck you. Have a bit of GIRLI’s spark and let her pink-spirited mind bewitch you into a peculiar and intriguingly cool world.


Listen to ‘Girls Get Angry Too” and “Girl I Met On The Internet” here:


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