Interview with CLAY, 31.01.17

We met up with Clay, one of UK’s most promising newcomer bands before they went on stage, supporting Declan Mckenna at a sold out show in Brighton. By combining synth pop with infectious guitar riffs they create a unique sound, showing up a whole new world of indie, leading the crowd to jump at everyone of their peppy tunes.

First of all: How has the tour and especially the crowds been treating you so far?

It’s been class, this is the last night of the tour, but every night just has been incredible. I think there’s something about this time of the year, they were just buzzing for it. It’s been like playing to our own fans, they have converted if you will. We’ve done quite a few tours over the past six months and this has probably been the most successful, really, everybody’s just been crazy.

Zane Lowe picked up Sun Dance when some of you were only 17. Was doing music professionally always the plan or did you have different careers in mind before your music got noticed?

We’re not really good at anything else to be honest. We always knew we were going to do this and we never had a back up plan, because the moment you have a back up plan, you’re kind of admitting being defeated. We always put everything into this and I think if you chase the ghost it’s going to come true one day.

Is there a debut album planned or already in the making?

It’s always been in the making since day one. You kind of work towards a debut at some point in your career. We’ve got no plans for it as of yet, but we’ve recorded our next single which is the best song we’ve ever written!

Do you know when it’ll be released?

Some time in the next 2 months!

Is there a specific process you go through as a band when writing songs and if so who plays which role?

Me (Joe) and Jack are brothers, we live together so it kind of starts with us. One of us has an idea, whether it’s a lyric, a melody or chords and we go to each others bedroom and be like ’Oh I’ve got this idea’. Then we write the whole song into the computer. We’re not a jam band, we don’t jam in the studio, because we don’t really tend to work like that. Then once we get Rob and Dan in it, the song comes alive.

We really enjoyed watching the 6 AM video! How important is cinematography and image to you?

Massive important. It’s quite strange, because the lyrics are raw, smiliar to the night in the video and the story is kind of based upon the bar it was filmed in. When we were recording it we definitely had a very clear vision of what we wanted to do. Nowadays, especially it’s all intertwined. It’s a visual experience as well, it’s definitely important to us and it makes sense.

Once you start playing your songs live, do you feel like they kind of develop in a way?

Yeah definitely, you start playing your songs differently. I think there is a live element behind the instruments and human interaction. We feed off the crowd just as much as they feed off us.

We’ve got a playlist on our blog called ’Oh shit! I’m so hungover!’, are there any songs you’d like to contribute to it?

Joe: B*witched – C’est La Vie

Jack: Otis Redding – (Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay

Dan: Tracy Chaplin – Fast Car

Rob: Clay – Cream


Check out our playlist:

Catch them at their headline shows in Cardiff or Manchester:



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