The Greatest Hits and Kölsch beer: INHEAVEN

We had a lovely chat with James and Chloe from “dreamy noise punk pop” band INHEAVEN who are in the vanguard of UK’s indie scene with their sombre yet vivacious tunes and shadowy charisma.

After supporting so many different bands lately, how does it feel to go on a headline tour again soon?

James: A headline tour is probably our favourite thing to do, because we get to play as long as we want and we get to see people singing along. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Chloe: Yea, it’s great. We love doing our own shows.

 Do you think you had a harder time getting your band noticed since you’re london based and didn’t experience building a small home town fanbase first?

 James: Yes, definitely. I think especially in London in these times, with things like small independet venues getting shut down and the constant regeneration of the city. I think if you’re in other places it’s better.

Chloe: I think it’s easier to get accepted in smaller towns, in London it is quite hard.

You’ve mentioned in a couple of interviews that the album is done and basically ready to get out, is there going to be another single release soon, leading up to it?

James: Yeah, we should have another two singles on the album. Hopefully three? There’s going to be a lot more singles this year, we’re doing a lot of touring. The album is basically only singles. The greatest hits!

 Is there a reoccuring theme on the record and if so which?

Chloe: There’s some heavier songs, but I think there’s a lot of sentiment in it.

James: Yeah, there’s a lot of sensitive songs.

Chloe: It’s probably more sensitive than people might think.

James: It’s kind of like The Cure meet Smashing Pumpkins. Light and dark, all in one record.

Since you create all of your artwork by yourself, are there any art projects planned to go along with the album?

 Chloe: We’ve got a few ideas for the run up to the record.

James: The album artwork is going to be slightly different to the singles, we’re trying to find a way of tying it, all of the single artworks into one piece of artwork, the album cover which we’re doing at the moment. Obviously there are going to be more videos.

Chloe: I’d like to do some prints as well!

James: We’re going to do prints and we’re probably just going to start a gallery or something and just display all of our artwork.

Does travelling inspire your art and music specifically? Did you experience different creative hubs while on European tour and could you gain something out of these?

James: Absolutely, we kind of fell in love with Europe.

Chloe: Every place is so different. We were playing in Amsterdam and then we went to Prague and every single place has it’s own thing going on, Berlin as well, It’s a really inspiring place.

James: We can’t wait to go on the Circa Waves tour, we’re gonna see quite a lot of Germany. We’re excited to see all of the places in Germany we haven’t been to before!

Chloe: Yea, because I’ve only been to Berlin.

James: I’ve been to Cologne, it’s beautiful. I love Kölsch beer!

 Would you ever like to soundtrack a movie or an art exhibition?

 James: Yes, definitely!

Chloe: I would like to direct a movie with James doing the music for it.

James: The dream is that Chloe will do a movie and I do the soundtrack, so maybe one day we’ll do a coming of age movie, haha.

We loved the video to Treats, it seems to be inspired by Nirvana’s video to „Smells Like Teen Spirit“, is there a story behind that?

James: We really wanted a dance routine and we wanted to do it in a cool way, that was more like us. More like a pop video with our own twist on it. It’s like a homage to the original video because we tend to get the Nirvana references. Steve Gullick did it, who actually took a lot of photos of Nirvana back in the day.

Chloe: He was the direction photographer. He probably helped create that as well. I think the song is so exciting and me and James were having a conversation and he was like: „I want fire, I want dancing!“

James: That was probably our most successful video.

Chloe: My dad drew the lines on the floor and my mum helped me with making the blood, we made it all ourselves!

James: And I poured the blood on Chloe at the end. It’s by far our most ambitious video!

We’ve got a playlist on our blog called “Rage baby”, where we feature songs such as Treats. Is there any song you’d like to add?

 James: We would love to add Cherub Rock by The Smashing Pumpkins!!


Check out the gloomy sound of INHEAVEN and don’t miss them on their fiery tour across the UK:



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