Band Tip: New Carnival

Bristol-4 piece only has a few releases up their sleeve but every one of them is a bold statement and not to be overlooked. There’s literally no way round singing along to „You’re still my kind of girl…“ or “I wanna stop the search with you” once you’ve started listening, you’re immediately hooked. Garuanteed every one of their tunes will lift you up – packed with energy, sing along lyrics and upbeat dazzling melodies they provide everything your indie heart desires.

They’re back introducing us to a slightly heavier side of their music, leaving the poppy, feel good tunes behind. “Run For Cover” may be just as catchy and compelling as anything they’ve released before, but definitely has an edgy vibe to it. There’s a subtle daring undertone making it’s way through the song, sounding full of fury and defiance, yet perfectly wrapped into a sweet haunting melody, guided by dark lyrics and rounded off by a beautifully placed strong guitar line.

Being one of those bands that are mereley not capable of writing anything else than bangers, you are definitely missing out on a good time if you’ve never heard of them. By playing with vocals and dynamic, experimental guitar every New Carnival tune shows a different kind of ingenuity.

Don’t miss out and snatch your tickets for their 3 date run down with German golden girls Gurr (that alliteration there, wow)!

Run For Cover:


Sweet Caroline:



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