S H E has risen again! The queen is back and blessed us with not only a new, upbeat tune, called ‘Green Light’, but also a new video for the single.The highly anticipated track is another masterpiece by New Zealand’s pop star genius Lorde and will be featured on her second album ‘Melodrama‘.

Even though it is a breakup song it’s not a typical ‘Teardrops On My Guitar‘-like song.

Ella Yelich O’Connor strikes yet again with brilliantly relatable lyrics and an infectious rhythm. Her unique voice softly starts singing over mellow piano sounds as the song starts – but ‘Green Light’ doesn’t stay calm and mellow. Lorde‘s voice gets more powerful as the now increasingly upbeat piano leads up to a dancey beat that marks the chorus.

No one hits those low notes quite like she does; ‘Green Light‘ is one of those songs that make you want to let go of everything, dance in a dark room and forget about everything (especially whoever broke your heart) for a while. You will find yourself screaming ‘I’M WAITING FOR IT! THAT GREEN LIGHT! I WANT IT!’ at the latest when the chorus kicks in the second time.

The video is cinematographically spoken just as magical as the song itself. The colour scheme is held in dark tones with focus on green and blue colouring (as the songtitle suggests) having the dramaturgy and suspense portrayed in the song rising and falling matching to the clip. As soon as the piano picks up on pace, the actions in the video do too. Her temper is portrayed aptly and just as the song falls into chaos the video does as well, by this it alignes perfectly with the storyline.

Though the song is different to her previously released ones, Lorde stayed true to herself and set high expectations for the follow-up to her debut album ‘Pure Heroine‘.

Check out ‘Green Light’:

Photo credit: Universal Music Group


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