Since the release of so called mini LP ‘Petals’ over two years ago every moment has eventually been leading up to it – the groundbreaking release of Ballad of Black & White. 

Darlia being one of my by far absolute favourite bands, I was naturally awaiting the release with a mix of uncertainty and blitheness. It took me a while to make out what’s actually going on in the song, but with every listen it becomes more and more familiar and reveals a different side of brillance you hadn’t noticed before. It’s loaded with a captivating hook and catchy lyrics (which portray a feeling quite contrary to their meaning) without leaving their darliaesque brisk vibes behind. With ‘Ballad of Black & White’ the band is exploring new grounds which not only underline their massive range of expertise but also their effortless capability of channeling their exceptional talent in different ways. ‘Ballad Of Black & White’ well-deservingly is able to take over the role as a follow up of fan favourite ‘Queen Of Hearts’ and only imagining it live gives me chills.

Once Day starts belting out the roaring chorus you can’t help, but admit that you’ve absolutely fallen for it (even if you were a bit bitter at first because it’s not how you expected it to sound like or you thought the “old Darlia” days were gone – they’re just as ‘Darlia’ as they have ever been) and I dare you (reference there) to not sing along to it. You can’t expect a band to not evolve in two years time and return without having changed their sound up a bit.

Darlia are safe and sound back to earth with a new line up ready to take over the music world right where they left off. It’s an exciting new chapter for the band, starting out with the release of an empowering memorable new track and I am more than eager to find out how they plan on blowing our minds with their next release of a new hymne.


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