Anteros – Drunk EP

I’m just drunk (actually completely sober) and in love with Anteros’ DRUNK EP. London four-piece presents a sugary-sweet EP with 4 delicious tracks that bring out your finest old school disco feels.

The title track is fiercely, sassy and simply an earwig full of peppy sounds and relatable lyrics about how alcohol is taking away one’s fear and having the same effect as love: it’s toxic, but everything our heart desires. ‘On the Moon’ on the other hand is more quiet, a gorgeous song with gloomy lyrics biting its marks under your skin, accompanied by a catchy echo-sounding chorus. This track is followed by Anteros’ recent single ‘Cherry Drop’; consisting of the sweetest funks and beats which enhance the urge to do some intense and fun dancing and head spinning. The last track ‘High, Goodbye’ reminds one more of a ballad compared to the other songs, it’s more powerful and heavy in its content. Laura Hayden’s smooth voice is all mixed up with hefty guitar playing and echoes floating around.

The EP is perfectly covered in glam and glitz which bursts into rock tunes, spreading energetic vibes and making one so much thirsty for more. Anteros are  about to take over and mesmerize everyone with their unique, luscious sound – bon bon baby, they’ll blow you away.


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