Circa Waves, Cologne, 26.04.2017

Liverpudlian guys proved that ‘Different Creatures’ has more bite, more fierce than former ‘Young Chasers’ and took this beasty energy with them on stage and delivered a series of wonderfully rocking guitar riffs, drum banging and feisty sounding vocals making it impossible for one to stay quiet.

Garage-rock band Circa waves ended their promotion tour of their second record ‘Different Creatures’ at MTC, a petite venue in the heart of Cologne which they have already grown familiar with over their past Europe tours. They shared the stage with dream-noise band Inheaven. The four-piece is already known for their energetic live shows in their home country England so it was no surprise when several moshpits were opened up during their set. Highlights of the set, which consisted of eight songs, were flaming track Treats and new single ‘Vultures’. They warmed up the fans with their charismatic performance – finding the perfect balance between interacting with he crowd and pulling off a classic rockstar attitude.

Circa Waves started off their set with the first single release of their recent album ‘Wake Up’, only 5 seconds in and they had the audience already going wild. They played a brilliant mix of old and new songs, leaving nothing to be desired. The band seemed happily surprised when they saw the crowd making it a thing to sit down during the slower parts of pretty much every song and then jumping up creating a moshpit when the chorus kicked in (which got quite exhausting very soon, but didn’t stop anyone nonetheless). The entire audience participated, partly young indie hipster teens and partly older fans enjoying a dynamic rock show, all going along with the flow and making it the mad show it was.

The thrill existed until the very end, where everyone stormed the stage during ‘T-Shirt Weather’, a tradition that has have been going on since the first time they played the MTC in early 2015. Inheaven joined the fans on stage, bringing their instruments with them and giving the night the last vibrant touch it needed.

Catch Circa Waves together with Hampshire-trio Blaenavon on their US tour this summer, get tickets here:

Photo ©: Joost Vandebrug

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