Track Review: Indigo Velvet – Mona + Interview

Scottish tropical-pop four-piece Indigo Velvet just released their new single, right in time to add it to your festival playlist before the season begins! “Mona” arouses a feeling that only comes around once a year, letting you want to leave the grey dull British weather behind and dive into the summer ahead.

Admittingly there are quite a few indie-pop bands around, but Indigo Velvet definitely have a special vibe to their tunes. They’re not afraid to play with their sound, either by experimenting with strings or vocals. It all blends together perfectly creating a unique uplifting tune that captures the most beautiful memories of youth in a bubble, sounding like the world outside is beginning to bloom. You’ll find yourself coming back to “Mona” again and again, whether it’s because you discover a different side to the song or you’ve just fallen for the extremely catchy chorus. No matter how often you replay it, it doesn’t lose appeal and clearly lives up to the reputation of “tropical-pop”.

It’s a cheery summer anthem guided by lyrics reflecting the emotions you experience while growing up, challenging feelings everyone can relate to and everybody went through. The magical mix of the song coming together makes you only longing for more, and wishing for summer to hurry up.


We had the chance to ask the band a few questions about their „Mona“ and this is what they told us:

What was the inspiration behind the track?

Darren: The song is about young love and growing up naive. It focuses the youthful aspect of experiences that you can’t really explain which allows everyone listening to the song to have their own unique connection with it.

What would you like fans listening to „Mona“ take from the track and what kind of feeling do you want it to portray?

Laurie:  It’s a song that’s about being young naive and in love. However we wrote the song with the aim to let listeners portray the song in their own way.

Is upbeat summer pop the style you’re settling for in Indigo Velvet or can we expect any dark and triste tracks in the future as well?

Billy: We always experiment with our sound but at the same time keep it under the tropical/pop vibe.

Darren: We don’t tend to go dark is such. Sometimes when we are writing we carried away and turn into Nickelback, but nothing ever comes from it!!

What your next short term goal as a band?

Jason: To keep going with festivals and get our music out there to as many people as possible. We are in the process of planning some more dates down South also!

You’ll for sure hear a lot more about them, so make sure to catch them live now!



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