Band tip: Francobollo

After being on tour with The Big Moon Swedish musicians Francobollo are not a band to sleep on; the London-based guys recently released their single ‘Good Times’ on Square Leg Records, a jaunty song giving you the nicest indie-rock vibes. The song is accompanied by a funky music video about a guy sitting in front of his TV and watching Bingolotto (basically the Swedish version of Lotto), getting all the numbers right and all of the sudden his TV shows very peculiar footage and he gets hypnotized by the Bingolotto’s host – those guys know what’s good.

Since Sweden is known for its versatile style of music, Francobollo deliver a handful of songs, all held in their own wacky, sweetly bizarre style and give them a playful touch of charm and odd, but cool electronic trill. They’re definitely the breeze (pun intended) in the British indie scene, handing in a series of shrill sounds and weirdly amazing tunes on a silver platter.

Don’t miss them when they support Marika Hackman on her ‘I’m Not A Man’ tour.


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