Inheaven: You’re all poised like Vultures why?

London 4-piece are back with their new single ‘Vultures’ and it has more heat and sting than ever: the new track bursts with anger, all heady and impetuous. „It tastes like freedom, but it feels like death“ cries Chloe Little in a tangle of over-driven guitars, hefty drums and a immense bass line. Inheaven are one of the few bands that succeed in giving a thrilling touch to everything they produce, making it a joice to listen to their songs, because you’ll never know what really to expect since they’re full of surprises. But one thing is pretty clear – it will get you excited and make you crave for more. ‘Vultures’ is just a taste of Inheaven’s promising debut album, which they’ll be previewing at The Great Escape in Brighton this month followed by a couple of other festivals this summer.


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