The Great Escape 2017: 5 Bands Not To Miss!

We put together a small list of bands we very much look forward to catch at this year’s Great/ Alternative Escape! It’s limited to 5 bands we think you’d most likely regret not seeing in a few months time, wishing you would have known about them earlier. We’ve linked our favourite songs too! Our pleasure.

Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds are for sure one of the (literally) hippest new bands around and despite popular belief their sounds aren’t all too bad. If you plan on dancing the night away their electric groove will give you the energy you need. Let their waves of buoyant pop be the invigorating punch to your ears (not quite literally), we know you want to feel it.

Bad Sounds – I Feel

Our Girl

If you’re a fan of the girls from The Big Moon, you really shouldn’t miss Brightonians Our Girl at The Great Escape – Soph Nathan, Josh Tyler and Lauren Wilson are here to lay down soft tunes mixed up with a bit of grunge. A doozy band which will leave you in daze.

Our Girl – Sleeper

Palm Honey

The interest in psychedelic rock band Palm Honey has been growing steadily over the past few months, from releasing their killer debut EP early this year to supporting Sundara Karma they’ve achieved quite a few notable triumphs already. Their arcane synth sounds make you feel like you’ve just entered a new dimension, not sure of what you’ve just heard or where it’s taking you. Judging from their performance at Bleach last December we can’t wait to get tucked back into the electronic wave with Palm Honey.

Palm Honey – Stick the Knife In


If you’re out for a more edgy and punk side to the usual indie tunes Asylums will most likely be the compelling breeze you’re looking for. No doubt they’ll raise your blood pressure with their irresistible charm and their loud and ferocious live set!

Asylums – Second Class Sex

Bones Garage

The Israeli music scene is bubbling with hidden talent – part of it is the band Bones Garage who combines ‘post-punk aesthetics with surf rock accentuations’, if you’re up for heavenly sounding tunes and a delightful time, you better catch them at their set!

Bones Garage – Seasons Break


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