Coolest Band on the Block: GOON

Stumbling upon LA-Based 4-piece around Kenny Becker while looking through Soundcloud pretty much already marks my highlight of discovering new music in 2017. “Dizzy“ came on as a song suggestion to what I was listening before and only half an hour I had completely fallen for them.

I’m not even going to try to attempt describing what genre they could fit into because they challenge so many different musical aspects. It’s kind of like picking songs from different genres and showering them in a load of Goon. From Scab, a gloomy splash of Lo-Fi, over Merchant Hall, truly a dusk of punk, to Green Peppers, which is probably the most upbeat it will get with Goon. They’ll leave you satisfied no matter what emotion you lust for. Their arcane vibes definitely live up to their odd name and easily fulfill the expectations of what you’d wish a band called Goon to sound like.

You can’t really make out what the deal is when you’ve given the Dusk Of Punk EP your first listen. It’s like trying to put together a puzzle. You hope that with every new piece (being the track you listen to) you add to the picture, you understand the puzzle that is their music a little more. You’re eager to find out how the next piece will fit in and if it will help you to make up your mind about what you’ve just witnessed.

Every component that makes the EP is perfectly harmonised. The name, which is not to forget one of the coolest (if not the coolest) EP name I’ve heard so far, the track order and obviously the songs themselves blend together as the most bewitching and disparate experience of arcane synth sounds. Every song on it’s own reflects the feeling that overcomes you when listening to the EP in it’s entirety, even though it’s so mixed in it’s creation.

Listening to Goon is experiencing beauty at its purest. It’s enigmatic, guided by the songs that are presented by their intriguing aesthetics evolving into the pleasure that you end up taking in. It sounds fragile, but at the same time it’s fierce and filled with determination. Brutally honest lyrics coated in ravishing melodies that will leave you haunted.


Check out what I asked head of the party Kenny Becker here:

Being mostly familiar with the British music scene and not knowing an awful lot about the music situation where you’re from, I was wondering if you’re aware of the upcoming UK music scene and if you feel like it would be a better fit for you than LA?

To be honest, I feel like our local-music knowledge is perfectly inverse. I’m sadly very unaware of much of the cool music happening in the UK right now. Seems to me that the UK has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to music, and I’ve always thought of it as fertile ground for new musical ideas. So for that reason, I’ve always wanted to do music there. Though the current LA scene is pretty insane and I’m really excited to be a part of it. Some really special music happening here! For example: Young Jesus, Draag, HOTT MT, to name a few of my faves.

Currently working on your first LP, is your hearing impairment putting any extra pressure on you e.g. struggling to finish tracks in time? Do you feel any pressure regarding the LP in general?

We are indeed working on our first LP! It’s coming along great. We started recording in June of last year and are currently in a “revisiting” phase where some songs from those original sessions are being re-recorded, and other new songs are being recorded entirely from scratch! Those first sessions we did at a more “legit” studio, now we’re doing everything in my apartment. Everything’s getting a bit weirder which feels really good.
As for my hearing/sinus/respiratory problems, it’s definitely a struggle. I love making music both when I’m feeling healthy and when I’m not. Though it’s much more difficult to get inspired and motivated when I’m feeling all sick. However, the depression that comes from a lack of inspiration is kind of inspiring in it’s own way!

You seem quite invested in creating art to go along with your music, how important is image to you in order to portray music?

We’re lucky to not have a label or anything telling us to finish the recored by a certain time, so the only real pressure is self-imposed. We would all like to finish this record as soon as possible, but we also want it to be something truly special, and we’re willing to take the extra time necessary to do that.

Is there any specific artwork you’ve done that you are most proud of?

In regards to my paintings, I really enjoy thinking about our music visually. I’d say it’s a very important part to the whole thing that we’re doing. I’m proud of a good handful of my paintings. I really like the little monster guy that became the EP cover. I also did a portrait of our bassist Caleb one time that I’m quite fond of. You can see images of those and more here if you want:


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