The Big Moon, Cologne, 10.05.2017

This one’s coming a bit late, but it’s been a hell of a month filled with festivals, gigs and new music! But better too late, than never, right (haaa)? London quartet girls The Big Moon have been on a wild tour through Europe, promoting their juicy debut album “Love In The 4th Dimension”. We caught the feisty girls live at their gig in Cologne, at Blue Shell.

By the start of the first song “Silent Movie Susie”, the band already created a bursting energy, thrilling the crowd and taking them on a trip to another dimension. In this dimension we experienced a series of indie songs, from bangers such as ‘Happy New Year’ and ‘Pull The Other One’ to calmer, delightful songs like ‘Zeds’ and ‘Something Beautiful’. The girls pulled off an incredible set and impressed the crowd until the very end with their sense of enthusiasm, fun and togetherness. Powerful vocals, tremendously cool bang-drumming and rocking guitar and bass tunes were promised from start to finish. All lovers for indie guitar music really need to give those girls a go and witness their amazing girl power live.

Scannen 2017-6-3 16.18.03.jpg

Also, while The Big Moon were playing joyfully on their instruments and made some wolf-like noises, there was a full moon outside – the perfect setting for a TBM gig and the town of Cologne might still be in trance.

They recently released new UK dates, so don’t sleep on them and get your tickets here:


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