June 2nd – The day too many albums were released

I’m Not Your Man – Marika Hackman

After dropping lead single ‘Boyfriend’ earlier this year, Marika Hackman has finally released her second album ‘I’m Not Your Man’. Instead of metaphor filled lyrics that defined her writing on her previous work, the London-based blonde relies on much bolder, less cryptic ones on this one. Not only her writing style has gotten bolder but also in terms of topics and musical aspects of her latest LP you can tell Hackman has stepped out of her comfort zone while still keeping the characteristic Marika Hackman sound and dark vibes.



The 21 year-old’s self titled debut album unites everything that’s hot in pop music at the moment – a strong voice, beats that make you want to dance, paired with words you’ll want to scream at the top of your lungs. A definite standout is the beautifully stripped-down ballad ‘Homesick’ for which she teamed up with Coldplay’s Chris Martin. Dua’s debut is proof that there’s more to her than just a(n incredibly) pretty face.


Hopeless Fountain Kingdom – HALSEY

Sun’s coming up and it brings us the synth-pop album of Halsey – ‘Hopeless Fountain Kingdom’ is another concept album, telling the story of a character called Luna who has been through tough breakups, leaving broken hearts in her wake and seeking true love, the purest kind. Halsey is much more confident on HFK – talking about how she is not taking the blame anymore on banger ‘Alone’, representing her raw feelings and being absolutely determined than on debut album ‘Badlands’ and we’re totally here for it.


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