5 Acts You’d Regret Missing At Reeperbahn Festival 2017

It’s about time we stuck our heads out of the summer slump. We Know. Small update: All three Miserable Girlz are now living in Berlin, so prepare yourself for a jam packed gig season to come! We’re back with a new “You’d definitely regret not seeing these – Promise!” post since we are all super excited to be going back to Reeperbahn Festival this year.

Yellow Days

The 18-years-old George van den Broek is not only a musical genius, he also has syneasthesia, which in this case means that he is associating his music with some kind of a yellow vibe which we’re feeling to the fullest. His deep raw voice fills his passionate music with a strong sense of intimacy, heartbreak and simply life experiences – definitively a must-see at this year’s Reeperbahn Festival. Also, he’s got an album on the way, so keep your eyes open!

Yellow Days – Gap in the Clouds

The Drums

Weren’t born in the 80’s? Not a problem because you have The Drums to take you back in time and experience melancholy that wasn’t meant for you. Be ready to get drowned in a simultaneously light- and heavy-hearted wistful flood that will make you forget you’re on the steps of the Reeperbahn.

The Drums – Heart Basel

The Amazons

After following their growing success over the past two years and catching them a couple of times meanwhile, we were more than delighted to see their name pop up on the festival lineup! The Reading gems master balancing prodigious rock with the essence of indie nonchalance impeccably and you’d be a fool to let them slip while they’re still playing intimate shows over here.

The Amazons – Ultraviolet


If you’re looking for a feeling of levity and ease between the bustle of loud and hectic bands Amelia Murray, the voice behind Fazerdaze is your girl. Her Debut LP ‘Morningside’ released in May lives up to every expectation you could have towards an artist called Fazerdaze – a dazzling flash of Lo-fi, shoegaze and dreamy pop.

Fazerdaze – Lucky Girl

Black Honey

Brighton-based honey bees are on their way to Reeperbahn Festival! As the Guardian once said ‘If Lana Del Rey was (in) a rock band, it would sound like Black Honey’ and honestly this is the full truth? With a love for Western-spiked guitar, modern love and punchy psychedelic rock, Black Honey are one of the most exciting bands around.

Black Honey – Spinning Wheel


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