Wolf Alice – Visions Of a Life

Visions Of A Life is braver and much more colourful than their debut album ‘My Love Is Cool’. The followup to their breakthrough debut is much more grown up but Wolf Alice managed to stay true to their own unique sound without pigeonholing themselves into just one genre.

Earlier this year the band sent out postcards as a kind of tracklist with lyrics of each song on the back, but don’t judge a book by its cover, every song I thought was going to be really slow and chill turned out to be upbeat and vice versa.

Lead single Yuk Foo is the loudest and most aggressive song on the album – perfect to scream along to in your car when you’re having a shit day.

To me personally, Don’t Delete The Kisses sticks out most. The monologue-like, very relatable song sounds cinematic and immediately created an image in my head.Whispering seems to be the new screaming for Wolf Alice 2.0 as there are quite a few songs that have whisper/spoken vocals.

Speaking of cinematic Space & Time sounds like the closer of an American Teen Rom-Com, I could totally see Cher from Clueless driving off into the sunset with it playing in the background as the screen fades to black.

I was most excited for St. Purple & Green and was honestly a bit overwhelmed by how much can happen in one song but eventually came to the conclusion that lyrically, it’s one of my favourites.

The British four-piece grew not only in the musical aspect by being way more experimental but also in terms of showing more personal and vulnerable sides of themselves lyrically. From the drums in the back to the singer in the front Wolf Alice are an overall very charismatic Band which reflects in Visions Of A Life.

Favourites: Formidable Cool, Don’t Delete The Kisses, St. Purple & Green

Visions Of A Life OUT SEPTEMBER 29th !

photo credit: www.readdork.com


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