HONEY LUNG @Cassiopeia 08/10/17


Last night we caught upcoming London band Honey Lung in Berlin on the final date of their first ever tour accompanying Citizen through out the UK & Germany. As insignificant as “I really think this is something you’d be into” was how my co-worker introduced me to their single “Something” around a year ago, but damn right he was and after catching them during The Great Escape, being into it would be a subtle understatement. With great regret from my side the band took down “Something” along with their first EP “Kind Of Alone” by now, but if you dig a little through the interweb you may or may not find some of the traces it has left. None the less they still play a few old tracks live, so if you get the chance to see them you would be a fool to let it slip.

Most popular track “Sophomore” is an emotional roller coaster, making you feel more sweet than bitter about the whole coming of age thing in one second and pushing you to the brink of a break down in the other. Their music is themed around a young perspective packed into dreamy noise rock – the kind of music angsty teen movies would fill their soundtracks with.

(Yes, we’re still working on that good gig photography situation, please bare with us)

The video to “Sophomore” grasps their essence beautifully:


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