Interview with Ellie Rowsell from WOLF ALICE, 30/10/17

Anne’s journalism career peaked last Monday when she got the chance to interview Ellie from Wolf Alice (aka her favourite band). Here’s what they talked about:

Q: What’s your favourite song off the Album?

Ellie: I like different ones for different reasons but I guess ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’.

Q: Tell us about the cover of  Don’t Delete The Kisses.

Ellie: We just paired all the songs with pictures of various moments of tour and that one was the most romantic. I think I took about 90 percent of the pictures.

Q: What’s the story behind Sadboy?

Ellie: It’s just kind of a generic song. I think we live in an age where most people suffer with anxiety and feeling miserable, so it’s just kind of about that I suppose.

Q: What’s your favourite meme?

Ellie: Not sure, I need to refresh my memory on my memes!

Q: How do you deal with the highs and lows of touring and having to get back on the bus after playing a show?

Ellie: It depends what kind of mood you’re in and what mood everyone else is in. Sometimes it can be quite hard and it’s a very surreal kind of situation. If you have a big high you try and chase it, but I think if you were to do that every night you’d end up in an early grave. I don’t really know the solution to dealing with it to be honest but I think it’s easier when you’re in a band. I can’t imagine what it must be like for solo artists.

Q: How do you usually spend your days off in different cities?

Ellie: It depends if I’m tired, I like to not feel guilty about staying in bed and ordering food and watching Netflix. If I’m somewhere and it’s a nice day and I feel like I got some energy I like to base and structure my day around breakfast, lunch and dinner and I’ll find nice places to go. Sometimes I like to seek out some art because there’s no language barrier, or sometimes I like to find somewhere with a nice green space, go for a stroll, take some pictures.

Q: What’s your favourite Netflix show?

Ellie: I’m excited to watch the new Stranger Things!

Q: What about touring do you miss most when you come home?

Ellie: I quite like having structure to my day and being home I sometimes feel a bit lost. I like being in new places and trying new things. Obviously the shows are what I miss most.

Q: What’s your biggest fear?

Ellie: Death!

Q: If you could transform into anyone or anything what or who would it be?

Ellie: I would just be myself but with the power to teleport.

Q: If you could play a show anywhere in the world where you haven’t played yet, where would it be?

Ellie: I’d like to do South-America, Mexico, Chile and Argentina.

Q: Do you prefer playing bigger or smaller venues?

Ellie: I think bigger ones, just because it’s more of a challenge and because it’s a bit more nerve-wrecking. You kind of have to get more of an adrenaline high. It’s rarer to play bigger things it’s just a bit different and scary. I like playing smaller shows too, you can kind of rely on the intimacy to do its kind of job whereas in big venues where you really have to work for it.

Q: Is there a difference between crowds in different countries?

Ellie: Yeah I think so, it’s not to a huge varying degree. For example in America, people are very vocal so I often find it quite comfortable on stage there because I don’t particularly like talking to the crowd and they kind of do it for you. They give you something to work with, they almost speak to you while you’re on stage, which could technically be quite annoying but I quite like it cause otherwise I’ll just be mute. And then obviously London is always good because we’ve played there the most and built up the biggest fan base there. Scotland is good, people seem to be very passionate about live music there. Across Europe it does slightly change in every country, for example when we played Brussels it felt so much more tame.

Q: Do you ever get annoyed by the rest of the band?

Ellie: I think it’d be weird if we were constantly a hundred percent. So yeah of course sometimes, just as you would with anyone little things start to kind of grind your gear but for the most part we’re pretty chill

Q: Do you have any guilty pleasures?

Ellie: What is a guilty pleasure really? I used to read gossip magazines which now I never would because I think they’re disgusting and I think that was quite a shameful thing to buy and fund.

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