SOVIET SOVIET & Mexican Radio @ Bassy Club 05.12.17

Mexican Radio 2
It’s easy getting sweaty at Bassy. It’s way harder finding a way out to some fresh
winter air, as people are crowding the place from bathroom to lounge. Sold Out.
They came for some hot vibes – Mexican and Italian to be more precise. Although
Mexican Radio is a Berlin based synth punk trio, they still got the charismatic
west coast vibe – not yet destroyed by techno club culture – as they state
“everyone’s a DJ” in their song “Techno Kitchen”. People being in the mood
between slightly pissed (because winter sucks) and getting itchy feet, Mexican
Radio cheered the club, already giving hints on the spirit of the following
Even more harsh are SOVIET SOVIET in their immediate energy on stage,
“Ecstasy” is real – not a second thought is wasted on going slow or giving random
quotes to peeps. Not keeping us waiting, they just start drumming the hell out of
the club, Andrea Giometti swirling the bass up and all around, looking as if he
wants to knock himself unconscious. The Bassy spirit got the crowd – all of them
staring at the stage as if hell’s on fire (and it definitely is!). “Further” it goes,
letting us suffer delightfully, the furious show takes one to some place deeper
than the inner hell.
Breathless, one detonator-song follows the other, all of them got the punkrock-
guy in front of me shaking his head until he has to cling to the DJ-booth next to
him screaming for “one more!”. So they give the encore and even more – as a
proper goodnight-goodie letting our ears drown in a noisy farewell anthem –
improvised in exhaustion. Gothic ravers, punks rockers in their 40s and all the
Berlin indie kids left the club enchanted in dark magic.
Thank you guys for your “Endless” power prayer – Christmas came early this
Guest author: Laura S.

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