I’m Not A Blonde

 We caught our favourite Italian duo “I’m Not A Blonde” during their support tour with indie sweethearts Peach Pit last week. We took the liberty of asking them a few questions and here’s what they came up with!
They also recently released their debut album “The Blonde Album” which you should totally have a listen to on Spotify here
Q: How and when did the two of you decide to start a band?
We met 4 years ago  when Camilla was looking for a singer for another band. This didn’t last much but from then we started writing songs together and liked it so much that we decided to for I’m Not A Blonde.
Q: When did you first get into making music?
Camilla Matley : I was 10 and my grandma brought me to the mall in the afternoon. There there was a section dedicated to keyboard. I used to spend hours and hours looking at the people playing, that was when I decided I wanted one for a present and  I started studying.

Q: How did you find your rather unique style of music?

I think our style of music is just the result of what we listened and played to over the years. We both like many different kind of genres. When we started I’m Not A Blonde we didn’t have in mind exactly what kind of music we wanted to do. We had some instruments: a guitar, a sinth, a loopstation, a drumpad. These elements defined our sound.

Q: Do you have children? – If so do they think what you’re doing is cool?

We don’t. But if we had we’d hope so!

Q: Whats the inspiration behind ‘Peter Parker’? 

Chiara : Peter Parker talks about 2 parts of the same person, 2 parts I think are inside each one of us: the super hero and the “common person”. For sometime I thought I just needed the superhero part but when I wrote this song was a period when I realized that no superhero can exist without someone taking care of them and going to the supermarket for them 🙂

 Q: We’ve made a playlist called “OH SHIT, I’m so hungover” what song would you like to add to that playlist?

Mad world tears for fears

Check out I’m Not A Blonde – A reason here:


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