Rory Wynne Releases His Debut! – A Review

Our favourite Stockport stuck-up teen and apparently Dr of music had a change of plans and announced the release of his debut album earlier this month out of the blue. Not really having kept up with him since he declared the end of his solo career for now and introduced new band “The Fluffy Chicks” it was quite a pleasant surprise. Even though I was happy to hear this project with the questionable name hasn’t worked out just yet, it made me wonder what led to the sudden change of heart.

The self-titled piece is a relatively short album, only resulting in 8 tracks, but every song on there being completely new to the fans is a decent compensation. Any additional songs perhaps would have even interfered with the crispness that defines it now. There is no on going theme present throughout the album, other than the obvious, being a teen and young in/out of love, but then again basing every song around his perception and feelings does make it a concept album, him being said concept.

Rory’s back in best form, belting out the conceited lyrics he is known for like “Why did I ever give you my crown?”. That ounce of haughtiness is present in every song and I would have been upset if not (he did play and record every single instrument himself so this might be the tiniest justification).

Previously released material like Post Party Confusion is not in any way comparable to this and I can only wonder why he never proved his talent in this way before when he is obviously capable of amazing work.

It’s a great collection of poppy guitar songs filled with teenage pep and defiance.

If you too were unsure about what he was up to before I highly recommend you give it another shot when the album is out, because chances are you won’t be disappointed.

Personal favourite: Enigma

His album will be out on April 11th and you can get your ticket to his album release party here:


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