Peace – Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll Review

It’s been three years, since Peace released their classic indie album „Happy People“, but they’re back with a new powerful record: “Kindness is the new Rock And Roll” – and hell yeah, it is.

After we had gotten a first taste of their new work in late 2017 with „From Under Liquid Glass“ in support of the MQ Mental Health charity, the four-piece is heated to show the world the full Peace-vibe, making us voracious for more. In an interview with DIY, frontman Harry Koisser said that „[he doesn’t] think [they] could get any more Peace on this record, [he doesn’t] think you could squeeze anymore in. It’s jam-packed. Someone has to do this album, so it may as well be [them]“ It’s indeed jam-packed with the sweetest tunes, capturing honest desire, sincere love and their ability to deepen their sound and coalesceing it with the vigor they have gathered in the last few years.

With „Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll“ you’ve got some vibrant slices of guitar-driven indie rock songs, as well as some classic “Peace” groove. One listen to opening track „Power“ and you’re immediately hooked; a classic dancefloor-leaning tune. The title-track spreads the same vibes as their debut „In Love“, it’s gently subdued with a soothing guitar sound to it, getting heavier and heavier. This one’s followed by „Silverlined“ which is filled with lyrics that are easy to find comfort in and are laced with personal strength. „You Don’t Walk Away From Love“ and „Magnificent“ have a vivid tone that floats smoothly alongside the zingy guitar and shuffling percussion and radiates at its finest.

The song that stands out most is „Choose Love“ – the perfect song to close this beautifully created soft-rock LP. With a powerful arena-worthy chorus and lyrics that convey the message of what Peace want to express with their music: there’s too much hatred, anger and frustration in this world, but we all have a choice (not quoting Kanye here duh). It definitely has a theme to it which we understood as finding strength in yourself, forgiving others and yourself and spreading love.




Catch Peace on their headline UK tour now:


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