Review: A Rose Coloured Dream – Philip Brooks

‘’ ‘A Rose Coloured Dream’ is a reflection on my state of mind’

The 20 year-old told us that the past year, while writing the EP, he felt like he was in a constant dream, ‘’not necessarily a good dream, but in retrospect it’s gotten more of a positive note to it“. The EP includes five songs, with a theme that seems to be omnipresent: driving.

When we asked Philip about the reoccurring theme he told us: “I’ve written most songs after coming back from a road trip through France“. ‘A Rose Colored Dream’ is filled with soft dream-pop tunes that seem to go hand in hand and tell a story.

Opener  ‘If We Stay (We Might Collide)’ starts off with an 80s inspired piano melody that comes back in the chorus. It sounds playful and soothing. ‘Summer’ the second track, on the other hand is a bit more upbeat supported by an electric guitar.

‘Honey Let’s Just Drive’ sounds very movie-esque and made me feel like I was driving ‘round town with my friends while the sun starts to bathe the world in its glorious golden light, just before it gets dark.

Title Track ‘A Rose Coloured Dream’ perfectly sums up the vibe the EP gives off: dreamy, soft and peachy.

Closing track ‘We’ll Find Home (Or Nothing At All)’ is a playful, slow song, perfect to listen to while drifting off to sleep after a warm summer day spent with your best mates.

All in all Philip Brooks latest is the soundtrack to your summer you didn’t know you needed.


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