Interview with The Beaches

Your new favourite band The Beaches talked us through their fashion icons, their musical influences and their favourite songs to listen to when they’re hungover.

(@the beaches if you ever read this, slide into our dms when you’re back in Berlin because we really wanna go for drinks with y’all coz you’re like the coolest girls ever)

Q:  Being from Toronto, do you think the city influenced your sound and how did you find your sound?

The Beaches: I think when we were writing this record we really wanted to talk about our personal experiences and so Toronto was very much an influence in our music and in our songs because we all grew up there. It holds lots of nostalgia for us and lots of good memories of having fun in the city, being young women. Essentially Toronto is our home and we write songs about our home, so technically the city does play an important part in our music.

Q: What were the main influences, musically and personally, when writing the album?

Kylie: Musically, we were very inspired by 70s rock’n’roll albums and bands like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie and the Pretenders. We also like guitar bands from the early 2000s like The Strokes. And some 90s britpop bands like Oasis and Blur. Personally, we just write about personal experiences that we had because coming from a rocknroll perspective i think theres nothing more rock’n’roll than being a young woman. We just write about our own lives

Q: What’s your favourite song to play live?

Eliza: I like playing Walk Like That, a song where I get to, on the drums , create a  really deep pocket and hold everyone down and its not too physically demanding either, so I get to have some fun while not straining my body too much.It’s such a great drum song to play. I also like playing our song Keeper because its a song where i get to show off a little bit… I like showing off too.

Kylie: I think my new favourite song to play is  ‘Turn Me On’ because at first it was a song I was a little bit skeptical about to put on the record, just because I didn’t know if people would relate to it. I didn’t think it was as immediate as some of our other tracks, but I noticed on the last tour we did, that people really seemed to enjoy that song and they all kinda screamed the lyrics and jumped together. Watching the audience react to that song is really rewarding!

Jordan & Leandra: ‘Highway 6’, because it starts off kinda moody in an organ solo and it’s kind of my (Jordan) diva moment where I get to use my falsetto and sing pretty for once.


Q: Having played tons of festivals, what’s your favourite thing about festivals?

Eliza: My favourite part about festivals is that you get to experience so many different bands and so many different types of music, as well as food! There’s always really great food stalls at festivals. I really like hanging out with other bands there, because when you’re playing just a one-off show you don’t really experience other music and I just love being surrounded by people and seeing other bands.

Kylie: It’s fun, it’s like a music party and getting to explore new artists at festivals is always good.

Jordan: When it comes to playing festivals , we like that you get a new group of people that might’ve not heard you ordinarily. You might get new fans, which is always a good thing! It’s great to be around a musical community, whether it’s fans who really love and appreciate live music and live shows or musicians who we wouldn’t have ordinarily gotten to have the opportunity to sit and talk to! My dream Festival line up would be Glastonbury with Oasis headlining… but that won’t ever happen.

Kylie: I’d love to play Primavera, because I want to go to spain and it looks absolutely gorgeous…(To the others) I leave you guys the headliners to Primavera, go!

Eliza: Anderson. Paak! Who I am actually going to be able to see in Chicago and I am very excited about that.

Leandra: Another headliner would be HAIM! I mean they probably are one of the headliners already haha, but I love seeing them live, it’s been a while. At least once more before I die. Haim, Anderson. Paak and The Beatles – the trio of the century.

Q: You always wear the coolest, edgiest outfits, do you have any style icons and what does fashion mean to you?

Kylie: My style icons are probably Jane Birkin, Edie Sedgwick and this one’s a weird one, but Diane Keaton. She’s my “Go-To-Grandma”, I just love her classic style. Oh, and Alison Mosshart from The Kills, she’s got great style.

Jordan: We just like what we like, we don’t always look up to any particular person when it comes to fashion, when I see a piece that I can see myself wearing it on stage, I just go for it, but I don’t really try to emulate anybody else but myself.

Eliza: It was really important that our music and fashion were consisted with each other, we were a lot of 70’s bell bottoms, ugly sweaters, “glamour-girl” eyelashes, big hair and baby doll dresses, because that clothing references the musical time period that we all are really inspired by. We just like the way these clothes look like, think they are more fun.

Leandra: Yea, I don’t look up to anyone too, but maybe my sister, whose a young, “turnal” hip girl and Kylie, because she’s classy, but also mixes skate culture – I really like skate boarding and we wear a lot of guys’ skate t-shirt, doesn’t matter, just throw it all together and love it.

Q: You’ve supported Eagles of Death Metal last year – tell us about that experience and if you could have any band (dead or alive) open a show for you, who would it be?

The Beaches: Working with Eagles definitely was fun, they’re a great live band. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go on their American tour with them, because our Visas didn’t come through, but the two shows we played with them in Canada were a great experience. As for who would be our dream opener…I would say my favourite band right now which are Goodbye Honolulu, they’d be a fun opener, I mean they have already opened up for us, but a full tour would be cool. There’s also another great band from Toronto called Weaves, it would be super cool to play a show with them – I haven’t seen them live yet, but from what I’ve heard they are an amazing live band and Jasmyn, the lead singer, is just the coolest girl and her voice is crazy.

We’re actually playing a show with the band Bad Nerves in London, they’re opening for us and are absolutely awesome, like a garage-rock band and we’re super excited to play with them.

Q: What would you do if you weren’t in a band?

Eliza: If I were not in band, I’d open up a café and would really love decorating and I love coffee a lot and would only hire cool and fun people to work there!

Jordan: I would still be in the music industry, but in a different element of it; like working for a record label or also something like fashion.

Leandra: Before I joined the band I was studying Classical Piano, so I guess I was trying to be a music teacher or like be a musical therapist, helping people through music. Yea, this seems to be a nice thing. Or work at Vans haha.

Kylie: I would probably would go back to university as well and would study Art History or American History.

Q: We’ve got a playlist on our blog called “OH SHIT !! I’m so hungover”, which songs do you listen to when you’re hungover and would like add to it?

Eliza: “Mister Blue Sky” by Electric Light Orchestra, because it’s very happy and just makes you feel good when you listen to it.

Kylie: I’m the opposite, when I’m hungover, I’m already down and like to make myself feel worse. If I’m feeling melancholic, something like Sufjan Stevens.

Leandra: “Don’t Forget” by Demi Lovato, it brings me peace, because I love her and also the line “Did you forget?” and I’m like “Yea, I forgot, I should never drink again, shiiiit”.

Jordan: I would listen to Candy May by Alex Cameron, because I always feel like a loser when I’m hungover.

*Updated playlist featuring The Beaches picks!*



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