Interview with Hinds

We met Ana and Ade from Hinds and talked about their latest LP “I Don’t Run”, their favourite memes and wanting to be Rihanna for a day.



Q: What’s your favourite meme?

Ana: The yodeling boy!

Ade: No, a meme is like a picture right? It has to be a picture!

Q: Being a Spanish band, do you feel like you’re getting more recognition in other countries than in Spain?

Ana: It’s been that way. At the beginning we got more attention here, in Berlin. Our 5th show ever for example was in Berlin actually. But now we’re getting as much attention home as we do anywhere else.

Q: Your sound is very sunny, Spanish, rock-y and unique – How did you find your sound?

Ana: We didn’t really look for it.

Ade: The thing is they recorded the first two songs in our rehearsal space, with our friend and just a mic. It was more like a consequence of circumstances.

Q: If you could be in any other band for a day, which one would it be and who would you swap places with?

Ade: Twin Peaks!

Ana: Beyonce! Or Rihanna! Yes, Rihanna!

Q: Having played a couple of shows in Berlin already, what’s your favourite thing about Berlin?

Ana and Ade: Cassiopeia! We love Vodka-Martinis.

Q: Have you been to Berghain?

Ade: No, I tried once but I didn’t get in.

Ana: We’ve played a show at Kantine am Berghain and we got a tour of Berghain when it was empty, that was really cool.

Q: What’s your favourite song to play live?

Ana: I think, ‘New For You’

Q: What song of „ I don’t run“ are you most proud of?

Ade: ‘The Club’!

Q: What did you do before starting a band and when did you decide you wanted to be musicians?

Ana: We were all students before, when we started the band we got attention very fast. We were in the middle of a career and we had to choose between touring and studying.

Q: What did you study?

Ana: I did Business, Advertising and PR. Ade did Architecture, Carlotta was doing Photography and Amber Drums and Music.

Q: Who do you think takes the mother’s role in the band?

Ade: Our tour manager!

Q: So the last question, we’ve got a playlist which is called „OH SHIT !! – I’m so hungover“, are they any songs you would like to add?

Ana: Pale Blue Eyes by Velvet Underground, this one’s very nice.

Photography: Alberto Van Stokkum



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