Unterholz am Oberbaum – Bands, Beers and Bangers

Today a week ago yet another newcomer festival premiered in Berlin!

Unterholz am Oberbaum – tongue twister – presented us with a beautiful mix of international and German acts near Oberbaumbrücke (the name makes sense now huh) to be exact.

The facts:

24 (!) bands played on Friday and Saturday at one of Berlin’s coziest venues – Musik & Frieden. With a day ticket costing around as much as you’d usually pay for a small gig there’s really no reason to stop you from going.

Those things said, I was happy enough to spend my Friday evening in said location, dipping into the indie cosmos for a few hours.

Two acts I was particularly excited about were “indie pop hoppers” “Bad Sounds” and Staatsakt favourites “1000 gram”.

Having cought Bath babes at last year’s The Great Escape I knew I was in for a treat. The band never fails to entertain a crowd and performed a fresh combination of old tunes and new bangers from their recently released debut album “Get Better”. One of the most energetic live acts out there for sure.

In contrast to Bad Sounds, you can hardly say 1000 gram were bouncing up and down the stage. Their mellow, warm indie rock tunes contributed perfectly to while away the evening, creating an atmosphere as intimate as the festival.

I very much enjoyed dwelling to the latest guitar noises in this beautiful setting and should there be a second season of this event, we’ll be sure to give you a heads up next year.

Leona X


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