PALE WAVES @Franzz / 17.10.18

On the 17th of October Dirty Hit signed band Pale Waves, who get compared to “The 1975” quite a lot, returned to Berlin after releasing their debut album “My Mind Makes Noises“ in September.

Having already seen them a couple of times, it’s been great to see their improvement. It‘s been one of their most energetic, sweaty and fun sets that I‘ve seen so far.

Pale Waves started their set with their hit single “Television Romance“ and straight on played “Kiss“ afterwards. They played a set of 14 songs, including crowd faves “The Tide” and “There’s A Honey”.

Not only their set grew in it’s length but it was also totally clear to see that Pale Waves gained a lot of fans since they‘ve last been to Germany in 2017. Compared to their last gig in Germany that i attended the crowd this year has been even more enthusiastically enjoying the gig and welcoming towards the band.

Pale Waves brought a lot of fun into my Wednesday evening with their catchy tunes and we all hope that they come back soon to bless us with their bangers.


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