About Ampelmännchen and Feminism with Jamie from Indoor Pets

We introduced you guys to UK band “Get Inuit” round about two years ago, just after we started our blog. Two years later we’ve moved back from the UK to Germany and “Get Inuit” decided to take on a new name: Indoor Pets. We had a lovely chat with Jamie from Indoor Pets before their show in Berlin on the 8th of December, supporting Ash, also being their first Europe tour ever.

What was your favourite show on the Europe run so far and why?

Probably Munich! That was the first time we had ever played in Germany and everyone was really attentive. We were obviously on first and it was packed, there were like 500 people already there. That doesn’t happen in London, no one turns up for the support there. It felt really nice.

Have you had the chance to do any sightseeing and how are you enjoying Europe so far?

I’ve never been to Germany, let alone Berlin before so yeah we did! We went to visit Checkpoint Charlie, gotta do all the Cold War stuff, and took lots of pictures against the Berlin Wall. We saw the Brattenburger Tor *actually it’s Brandenburger Tor*. I love this place, we’ve been obsessed with the traffic lights because on the west and east side they have a different traffic light man. It’s so cute, the little man with the hat that’s running- that means your in east Berlin! I even got an Ampelmännchen badge in one of the souvenir stores!

We had a look at the track list to your debut album (which is out in 08.03.19!!) and we noticed there is quite a mix of really old and new songs on there. Is there a reoccurring theme that ties these together?

Yeah, I think so! The old songs we picked for the album we chose because they just fit with the concept and the overall themes of the album. Some songs we put out recently just wouldn’t have made sense where as “Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated” is the first song we ever wrote, so in our heads it was always going to be on the album even though it was four years ago. It’s a bit of a weird mix but these songs just fit together despite some are years apart.

Do you have any Indoor Pets?

I had a cat, but she died. Her name was Myrtle. Do you know Harry Potter? It’s a character from there. I’m such a cat person, I love cats so much. That was kind of what gave me the idea of “Indoor Pets”.

We spotted a so far unreleased song on your setlist called “Good Enough”. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Actually it’s a song kind of about feminism really! I know it’s like a weird touchy thing because obviously I’m a man. The thing I worry about is that I across as if I am “mansplaining” or trying to tell feminism what it should be doing. The song is about how I can never seem to meet the standards that my former girlfriends had about what a “good man” is, I never seem to be able to do it. The songs is pretty much about realising that I’m not a good enough man.

Since all of your gear got stolen recently how did this effect your live show?

We were on tour when it got stolen and then we had three weeks before we had to get out on the European tour. The gear we are using now is pretty much all new. We were selling tea towels online in order to raise some money towards this, a lot of people bought one and donated money. We made around 800 of them so I spent like a week in my flat just wrapping them up. We managed to raise around £9000. We have just about enough gear to get through the tour. We’re just getting used to the new instruments but it’s going to be fun, I got a shiny new guitar! The sad thing is that we recorded the album with all of our old stuff so now even when we play the album, it’s never exactly the album.

To day the annual Spotify Rewind has been released – have you already had a look at yours? Any guilty pleasures?

I’ve actually not done it purposely yet! Everyone posts about it right now so I’m waiting a bit before I have a look, I don’t want to get caught up in it. All day I’ve had people message me about it. Lately I’ve been kind of obsessed with this band called “Death By Unga Bunga”. They’re from Norway and they’re this really small punk kinda poppy, kind of like us. They’re really catchy! I have a funny feeling that when I look at my Spotify it’s gonna be them, I’m a big fan of them. Or it’s going to be us! But I can’t share that!

Song recommendation: Fight! – Death By Unga Bunga

We have a playlist called “Christmas came early this year”, any songs you want to add?

Yes! My favourite Christmas song is “Step into Christmas” by Elton John.

We also did a Club Mate taste test with Jamie and this is his review: That is weird. Kind of tastes a little bit like cough sirup, I’m okay with it. It’s gonna grow on me.


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