Our Life In Songs

Friends! HAPPY NEW YEAR! And you know what that means: NEW YEAR, NEW SPOTIFY STATS!! (sadly not sponsored). To greet 2019 appropriately we’ve made a collection with some of the most important songs to us personally.


I’ve got a million favourite songs, but the following ones hold a special place in my heart.

King City – Swim Deep

The first time I set foot on London ground was two days after I had arrived in England. I remember sitting on the train from Ascot to London-Waterloo, being overwhelmed with excitement and happiness and walking down Southbank on August 24th, 2014. All whilst listening to “King City” on repeat. To this day, the song takes me back to the way I felt in that very moment.

Lisbon – Wolf Alice

I remember buying “My Love Is Cool” when it was released and… hating it… until “Lisbon” started playing.  I fell in love with the song and then with the album and eventually with the band. Wolf Alice have truly made me a better person. I’ve met so many friends (e.g. Mahtab & Leona) and made so many unforgettable memories at their shows. I’m forever thankful for “Lisbon”

Trainwreck – Banks

Not sure why this is one is on the list but I really felt like it should be featured. I’ve loved Banks for a while now and this song  was a real eye-opener for me and helped me channel sadness into anger. It is in fact a lot easier to get over something/someone when you’re angry than it is when you’re sad.

Sex – The 1975

After hearing “chocolate” by The 1975 and not liking it, I stumbled upon this gem.This track opened a whole new world for me: the British music scene. Again this one is laced with nostalgia and the feeling of being 17.


Though choices to make obviously, but these are the 4 songs that made the cut.

Sloop John B- The Beach Boys

It was one of the hottest days of summer in ca 2003 when my dad and I were on our way to go swimming. I remember sitting in the backseat of a ridiculously hot black car driving down the Bavarian Mountains listening to a best of The Beach Boys CD. It’s probably the first actual memory I have of music, absolute tune.

You – The 1975

It takes a bit more“ are the lyrics that kept me going through my teenage years. I remember lying in my bed everytime i thought the world was going to keep rotating without me, watching their Live at Leeds performance of the song. Put a gun to my head and I’d tell you this will be my favourite song for all eternity.

Olympia – Sundara Karma

The painting the song was based on, Olympia by Manet, was my first ever Tattoo (at least proper tattoo). It tells the story of a seemingly innocent young woman „aching and breaking hearts in Paris. “You can’t just go around Berlin breaking peoples hearts” is what a friend told me a few months ago and while this is debatable, I have never felt as connected to a song than in that very moment.

Do The Dominance – Drangsal

The song reminds me of the nightlife I’ve experienced over the past year and just Berlin in general. It stands representative for all of Drangsal’s music. He evolved into the most influential artist in regards to my personal development over the past few months and I am eternally grateful for the experiences I lived through him.


I think I have got way too many favourite songs that it is hard to decide which ones are really, really my favourite ones. I tried tough.

Off to the Races – Lana Del Rey

I pretty much forgot about this song, but as I went through my iTunes library I re-discovered it and it brought me back to the time I was only fourteen. I get so overwhelmed listening to this song, the angst, the anger – it’s intense. There’s really not much to say, it’s just an amazing song.

Prague – Blaenavon

This one was way too easy to pick: I used to listen to it every time I needed a good cry, felt anxious, lonely and left out. But the very first moment I’ve heard it live, it got a totally new meaning for me. Now every time I listen to it, it is this heady, exhilarating experience I have so much love for.

I Will Not Return as a Tourist – Boniface

I’ve only discovered this song three months ago, but oh, I am so glad I did. Though it makes me feel nostalgic (which is quite nice actually), the thrilling build-up is pure magic. It gets louder and louder and you can simply feel it.

Private Presley – Peach Pit

This one is really bad for me since my heart breaks every single time, but Smith’s triste, tender vocals in combination with the gorgeous violin play towards the end comfort me in a way no other song does. It’s beautifully depressing.


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