I’m Not A Blonde

 We caught our favourite Italian duo “I’m Not A Blonde” during their support tour with indie sweethearts Peach Pit last week. We took the liberty of asking them a few questions and here’s what they came up with! They also recently released their debut album “The Blonde Album” which you should totally have a listen […]

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Interview with DARLIA, 29.03.17

Photo Credit: Gingerdope Photography We caught up with the musical geniuses that are known under the name DARLIA before their first headline show in over 1,5 years at The Camden Assembly in London. We talked about the break, being back on the road again and how they ripped off “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”.*   How […]

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Interview with VANT, 28.11.16

We met up with Mattie and Henry from the indie rock-punk band Vant before their show at The Haunt in Brighton. They spoke about their upcoming debut album and since we all know what Vant are really about, there was no way around a few political comments. Your debut album is coming out in February […]

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